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It is critical that business that have a physical location,  also have optimized local listings. That means that across the majority of local listing websites such as google places or yahoo local, and literally hundreds of others, everything will match. Right now all these local listing websites use data they mined online so that data could be wrong, and is likely different on most sites, meaning you will never get to the top of any single one because information is so scattered. We solve this issue by maintaining a database with your information and that information is then submitted and verified across the board. This is a something most SEO companies ignore because, most people who click on local listings will either call direct, or visit your location rather then click on your website, so its very difficult to measure success from the outside. But for a business owner this is just as important as driving in organic traffic to your website, possibly more important. If you want to have your google places ranking well then contact us today.

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