Complete Online Marketing Solutions

It doesn't matter if your a seasoned SEO veteran who has been doing this since the internet was invented, or this is your first time hearing about SEO.

I will literally give you a breakdown of the view from the search engines eyes, you can see why your not able to rank well for keywords your possibly spending thousands on. Maybe your stuck in the SERP and Cant seem to improve your ranking no matter how hard you try.





Search engine eyes

The reason is because the search engines have their own rules to measure how good your website is. This includes Meta-info, User Interface optimization, incoming and outgoing link measurement, and link flow distribution, and a million other rules create the search engine algorithm

This free analyses will show you general information on what the penalties are and how much penalties are costing you, and what those penalties are. The real benefit is in subscribing and having it crawl your entire site and give you the direct info that will allow you to make changes and see results.

Its basically a tease to show you how much it will benefit your site, but it is completely worth the cost re-crawls. Once the onpage is optimized, creating the off page effect will be that much easier.

With a paid re-crawl($40) I will give you deep insights into exactly what and where the penalties are, how much weight each penalty holds and exactly what needs to be changed.